Aliments Pro-Marque possesses over three generations experience in the meat processing field, starting from a small butcher shop to today’s most modern plant under Federal Inspection and U.S.D.A. approved.

We have finalized our accreditation for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Program, (H.A.C.C.P.) in order to substantiate our standards of production processes.

Our drive is the constant pursuit to produce exceptional quality and innovative food ideas. We process high-end meat cuts from beef, veal, pork and poultry, in bulk and portion control packaging to standardized costs.

Our target market consists of food service distributors and retailers throughout the province of Quebec, Canada and the United States. Let us show you how our expertise can help build your meat business. After all our continued success depends on your success.

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11695, avenue Philippe-Panneton Montreal, (QC) CANADA H1E 4M1
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